2017 wasn’t great, but ‘youthquake’ is the word of the year!

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It’s still 2017 (just) and everything is basically going to shit. We look like we’re setting course for an unceremonious falling out of the EU. The government is either lying about the forecasted consequences or hasn’t bothered to consider what they’ll be. Meanwhile ministers are toppling left (Green), right (Patel), and centre (Fallon). There has however been […]

Subvert The Invisible Timeline

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Doing what’s expected of you is pretty straight forward really. You get born, kicking and screaming, and have a few nice years. Then you’re meant to get an education, punctuated by the first loves that leave you damaged for the rest of your life, as well as periods of promiscuity (frowned upon by society generally, […]

Eden: Paradise Lost, is a cold reminder of what could happen

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For any fan of post-apocalyptic fiction, be it John Christopher, J.G Ballard, St John Mandel or Cormac MaCarthy the spectre of the fragility of civilisation is ever present. For everyone else, there’s Eden: Paradise Lost, Channel 4’s look into what happens when we (normal humans) are given the opportunity to start again. The only major […]

Jazzy Socks

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We’ve all seen them on the train, proliferating more and more throughout the last decade, no one’s really sure how it all started, but I’m not going to address the how, I’m going to address the why. I am of course referring to Jazzy Socks, specifically the type adorning many middle aged men. The rise […]